I haven’t really been working hard at working out, so now I need to work hard at it.

By that I mean that I know that things are changing, and toning, I’m just disappointed. I’ve been working very hard at it, but I am not pushing myself. I get to the edge, then I stop because I start to hurt. The point of going to the gym though was so that I did push myself.

I need to take all of my measurements and really hold myself accountable. The only person that can make this change is me. It’s not like I’m against putting in the work. I get up early, I get to the gym, I just need to push myself a little harder than I already have.

I am going to continue doing the work that I am doing but I need to keep up the edge of my breath push that I get to, (and drop off each time). I would rather have a hard work out that doesn’t last 1 hour plus. I can push myself in 15-20 minute segments, pushing to have a great work out. I also need to workout some of the things that I am embarrassed to do at the house if I can’t do them at the gym. I just want to see results. I can do tummy and thigh toning work at home.

Commit to it.

Maybe I’ll start logging everything on here so as to track my progress.

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