It’s not an addiction… I just like it a lot ♥

Daddy is under the impression that I have an addiction to porn. I don’t think that I do. I treat it like it’s something to watch like any other show.  Well, let me restate that, we had a conversation the other day and he said that he thought that I was addicted to porn. I told him that by standard definition, I was not addicted. I don’t let it interrupt my daily life, and I certainly don’t put it in front of other things. I certainly don’t let it run my life.

I just like to watch it. As though watching telly. The only thing is that sometimes I don’t watch the entire thing because I get bored of watching the same thing over and over. I mean there is only so many times I want to watch someone being thrusted in and out of. Then of course, watching a blow job can get super boring as well. It’s obviously so much better to actually do these things than watch, but I do like watching them because I like sex. A lot. I like sex in many ways.

If I’ve not stated it before, if I could be paid to be in the industry, and be paid very lucratively, I would do it. It’s one of the most beautiful human interactions that can take place, and to watch it is just fun!

I still remember one of the first adult movies that I ever watched and I wish that there was a way for me to get a hold of it again. I know that I never can because it was some random tape that belonged to my dad. Another that I found I’ve been able to get a hold of, and I have a copy that I am going to try and never get rid of ever again.

It’s a German movie from back in ’86 and stars Teresa Orlowski, a Polish adult film star who was very, very popular back in her day. She has a series of movies called “Foxy Lady” and while I’ve only ever really seen the one movie with her in it, I just can’t help but adore this woman.

There’s about 5 clips in total on the video, and each one is rather long, but man, I could watch that thing over and over again. The only down side is that it’s in German, so I don’t really know what they are saying. Does it really matter? Well I will say yes in this case because there are actual plots that have been created, and I while I can somewhat make out what’s going on in at least 3 of them, there is one that I am a little confused about what’s happening and I would like some solid clarity on it.

I’m going to make a note to myself to review this movie when I have time. Perhaps break it down into the segments and rate, comment on each piece.

Damn! You know…I wish I could mystery science theatre porn. I would be so great at it.

Like a lot of people I’m sure, I am very particular about the kind of porn that I watch. I have things that interest me a lot and then other things that I have 0 interest in whatsoever. I’d like porn with transsexuals, does nothing to turn me on, I don’t like man on man porn, same as transsexuals. Anything that involves two penis’s on one man, anything that involves an oddity by “normal” social standard. I once saw a porno with a man who had a penis that looked like Jabba the Hut. I kid you fucking not, it was terrifying for a young girl to see.

What I do like is; lesbian, rough, rough lesbian, bondage, rope, threesomes (MMF), creampies, anal (sparingly). I’m a major fan of Brazzers, so much of a fan that I began a monthly account, and I routinely check the site to see what’s new on the site. They have a series that they run called Hot & Mean which is mainly girl-on-girl rough sex. The series used to be a lot better than it is now, but it’s still good.

There is one site that I really would like to get a subscription to, but I just can’t rationalize spending the 40$ that I think it costs month over month. It’s run by Kink University, or  The clips that they produce, and the products that they make are completely up my ally. It’s all BDSM related. One of my favourite stars (Chanel Preston) of the moment has done a lot of scenes with them, and I’m so tempted to sign up, but again… parting with the money is a little more than I am willing to do at the moment.

The fact that I am actually paying for any site at all is an amazing thing to me at all since I was never one to really pay. I’m rather proud of myself. I definitely feel as though you should support the companies that take the time to create these clips/ movies. Now if only in return, I could find a way to be paid to watch, review, and whatever else.

Daddy mentioned that maybe I should look into being a paid reviewer of sex toys. I’d actually like to do that a lot. He mentioned that we need to talk to our therapist about it. I get so embarrassed asking about things like that, but it would be fun, and it would be nice to get a little bit of extra income.

….task appointed




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