…and I’m back!

After a considerable amount of time away, I find myself back online writing. Thank goodness! I have missed it so much. I constantly waver between wondering if I should and if I shouldn’t, but the fact is, I love writing and I love people being able to see what I write.

I used to write under the site of kittieshouseofbliss, but quit it over 6 months ago due to multiple reasons. Do I want to go through them in a single post? I don’t think so, but who knows maybe as things arise and the topic seems appropriate I may return back to a page or two from that period.

As it stands, here I am, 6 plus months forward. In a new living situation, which I don’t want to get into, with my Daddy, who I am sure will be a heavy feature on my blog, doing pretty much the same thing I was doing before. There is a happiness now I didn’t have before, there are also some struggles. What’s life without some of those!?

Overall, I am happier than I have been and I attribute a lot of that to Daddy, M.

I’m still a S/switch, but spend about 95% of my time being Daddy’s babygirl/littlegirl, and dare I even admit, the occasional brat. Shhhhhhh, I didn’t say that. He he he. The role grew progressively in that direction after months and months of us being together and it’s certainly a better fit for us. We do have the occasional power struggle, but I take ownership of the rift it causes, because it’s typically me needing to be in charge to release that part of me, but failing to effectively communicate that I have that need. Okay, well I won’t take 100% ownership, because there are times that Daddy needs me to Mummy up, but won’t tell me. We’re both capricorns, we both have our communication issues. We’re going to therapy, so it’s not like we aren’t aware of this. We just have a hard time with “it”  (“it” is the communication).

So, yeah… there you have that. I am back. I am going to be really trying for a minimum of a once a week post. This blog will be like my old blog which primarily focused on my relationship, but I am opening it up to the other pieces of me. The little/baby girl, Domme/Mommy, the mother, the creative artist (crochet counts right?), the occasional writer, these and I am sure so much more make up who I am.

Thanks for stopping by!

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